WaterWall® removes free-floating and emulsified oil in water without the need for heat or chemicals. No waste is generated from this technology. Treated fluid can reach non detectable hydrocarbon limits.

WaterWall® is a significant breakthrough for environmental remediation and for any application where oily- contaminated fluids are a concern.

Technofluids owns the intellectual property of the WaterWall® technology. This patent embodies novel properties and affinities previously not available in oil/water separation, thereby allowing optimization of existing systems and performances in areas previously inaccessible to incumbent oil/water separation technology. WaterWall® is dedicated to facilitating the creation of a totally green and closed loop manufacturing and operations by enabling efficient removal of hydrocarbons from waters.

In the broad applicability and need for unique WaterWall® properties and performance has resulted in Technofluids Corporation being involved at the highest level of product and closed loop operations development across a broad spectrum of high-tech and manufacturing industries.

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WaterWall Metalworking Fluids Recycling Process

WaterWall® metalworking fluids recycling process
WaterWall® metalworking fluids recycling process provides;
  • a coolant recycling system that will overcome the shortcomings of the prior art devices;
  • a coolant recycling system for efficiently recycling contaminated machine tool coolant thereby extending the useful life of the coolant;
  • a coolant recycling system that removes solids, dissolved solids, fines, tramp oil, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungus from machine tool coolant;
  • a coolant recycling system that reduces the need to replace conventional filters
  • a coolant recycling system that is multipurpose which may be utilized within a variety of situations and existing coolant recycling, handling and managing systems,
  • a coolant recycling system that is easy and simple to utilize.
The benefits of WaterWall® metalworking fluids recycling process include:
  • automated operation: reduce maintenance, monitors system performances automatically;
  • portable system: able to be moved from one location to another in order to recondition multiple tanks/batches;
  • operational cost savings: reduce waste disposal costs up to 95% and new fluid purchases by up to 90%;
  • quality and productivity: cut machine down time for sump clean-out and improve tool efficiency and product quality.

WaterWall® metalworking fluids recycling system continuously removes suspended contaminants that do not respond favorably to conventional separation techniques.
Installation of WaterWall® metalworking fluids recycling unit reduces concentrate consumption by more than 75% and eliminates lost-time in machine “downtime” and labor costs for maintenance, increasing productivity.

Liquid-Liquid Separation

WaterWall® - Complete separation of non-miscible liquids at high flow rate.

Solid-Liquid Separation

Techno-Floc®: Purification process of polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersion of solvated particles.

Waste Heat Recovery

TTVM/G® (Torini Thermo-Volumetric Motor/Generator): A waste heat recovery type generator which offers the ability to convert waste heat into electric energy. 
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